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Gerrards International..

Or Gerrards Budapest and only Budapest!!! Having trying to visit their London office!

Gerrards International Communications House 26 York Street London W1U 6PZ....its more of a virtual office


The advise was poor as were the return I received on my investment. Also I was not advised that If I moved back to the UK then I would suffer tax penalties!!!!

Overall Everything was poor and communication was pathetic / non existent. I think it was my fault for trusting a small firm who believe they are one of the big player when it is all a front.

Please be advised and stay away.

Review about: Qrops.



Mr H,

What are your views of a certain federation of IFA's that has made a name for itself on the Costa del Sol?

You may not be aware of all of this, being qualified to proper standards and a long way from the south of Spain, but your firm appears to be listed as a member.

What does this federation do to vet other members? No criticism of you as I just checked your credentials.



The original post is 100% fiction.

This person has never been a client.

I have never heard from this person, advised this person or received a complaint from this person.

I made the offer on this site, that if the person who claims to have lost this money contact me I will personally refund them. Of course, over one year later this client has not stepped forward because this client does not exist.

Thank you for your comments Concerned they are shooting at the wrong target.

I hold the Chartered Insurance Institute Paper AF3 which means I am a fully UK Qualified Pension Specialist, I also hold the CII Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning. I will soon complete the Advanced Diploma and attain Chartered Financial Planner status.

I am an ethical, competent, experienced financial adviser who is fully UK qualified.It is very sad that somebody can post a complete load of fictitious rubbish on this site about my company.

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland #812254

Shooting at the wrong target here guys.The owner is actually genuinely qualified to UK standards and holds professional pension qualifications.

Not many do in Eastern Europe- hardly any in fact.

This can all be verified on the CII member search facility.

Never met the owner, but anyone offshore that bothers to get properly qualified is unlikely to throw it all away by shoddy practices.

If you use an adviser in Europe, check their qualifications and check they are members of a professional institute by examination.That has to be the first step of your due diligence.


Something really has to be done to tighten up on all these 'so-called' financial advisers who are participating in multiple roles within the industry, being competent at few, if any, of them whilst depleting an investors wealth by a considerable slice, without a concern for their moral responsibility to their client/investor. I have an 'actual fact' story with similar, though nothing like as negative consequences, but will have to wait couple of more weeks in hope that I might get something of what they agreed back.


You are not or ever have been a client of Gerrards International.

My guess is that you are a competitor trying to discredit my company.

If you are a client please contact me and I will refund any loss that you claim to have suffered.

But we both know this is not going to happen because you have never been a client.

We do have an address in London where I can have meetings when I am in London, we also have an office in Stevenage. I make no secret of the fact that we have an office in Budapest . I spend most of my time in Budapest, my wife is Hungarian and it's a great city to live. This is all on our website, just go to our about us page.

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